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Origin:  Waterloo, Iowa


Genre: Thrash/Melodic Death Metal


Years Active:  2016- Present


Quinn Salow - Lead Vocals 

Alex Larsen - Guitar and Vocals

Bryan Hauser - Guitar

Hunter Heiselman - Bass

Andrew McCracken - Drums

Fueled purely by Jager Bombs and cheap beer, Guilty of Treason of Waterloo, Iowa takes influences ranging from death metal’s brutal vocals, drumming, and guitar riffs, to vintage thrash and melodic leads in order to create a heavy metal experience unlike any other. Growing up with old school influences, it is our goal to put on the heaviest, tightest, and most entertaining set possible… Without any backing tracks, clicks, or gimmicks. So who are the Guilty Boys? Quinn Salow (Vocals), Alex Larsen (Guitar and Vocals), Bryan Hauser (Guitar), Hunter Heiselman (Bass), and Andrew McCracken (Drums) are five dudes with the collective goal of reigniting the fire that heavy metal once was. Guilty of Treason has recently completed their second studio album, titled False Altars and Forgotten Gods, that was released independantly September 16th, 2022.

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