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Fueled purely by Jager Bombs and cheap beer, Guilty of Treason of Waterloo, Iowa takes influences ranging from death metal’s brutal vocals, drumming, and guitar riffs, to vintage thrash and melodic leads in order to create a heavy metal experience unlike any other. Growing up with old school influences, it is our goal to put on the heaviest, tightest, and most entertaining set possible… Without any backing tracks, clicks, or gimmicks. So who are the Guilty Boys? Quinn Salow (Vocals), Alex Larsen (Guitar and Vocals), Bryan Hauser (Guitar), Hunter Heiselman (Bass), and Andrew McCracken (Drums) are five dudes with the collective goal of reigniting the fire that heavy metal once was. Guilty of Treason has recently completed their second studio album, titled False Altars and Forgotten Gods, released independently September 16th 2022.

Over the past few years, we have gained a massive local following playing to a minimum of 150, and upwards of 350 for headlining shows.   

We are looking to book dates in support of our second full-length album, False Altars and Forgotten Gods.

Our song "Prisoner of Mind" has been used in two official promotion videos for the United States Marine Corps, accumulating over 1,000,000 views on social media.


Having been performing since March of 2016, we have been a part of many Iowa Music Festivals including:

Indiemerch: Bloodletting North American Tour 2019

Space Jam 2017, 2018, & 2019

Cornstock 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2022

Pits For The Pits 2017, 2018, 2021

Krampus Fest 2021 & 2022


We have shared the stage with some incredible acts as well including:

The Black Dahlia Murder, Carnifex, Drowning Pool, Archspire, Signs of the Swarm, Mushroomhead, The Browning, Bodysnatcher, Homewrecker, Disentomb, Visceral Disgorge, Earth Groans, Reaping Asmodeia, Bobaflex, Alterbeast, Infiri, EYEHATEGOD, Cro-Mags, FILTH, Powerman 5000


We have also had multiple songs aired on radio stations including:

Rock 108 - Iowa Pure Rock

Banks Radio Australia



Press Statements and Reviews:

"Since their 1st show, Guilty of Treason quickly became a cornerstone of the metal community. Every other band gets compared to them. 'Not as clean as Guilty'. 'Not as tight' as Guilty. 'Is Guilty on the bill?' All things I hear all the time."


 - Christina Hageman, Owner of Spicoli's Reverb 

"This album as a whole is absolutely killer from start to finish. It's 40 minutes of constant and unhinged headbanging through thrashy death goodness. If you're in the market for some thrashy death metal, look no further than Guilty of Treason."

 - Pen, Paper, and Breakdowns Reviews


​”The band's understanding of melody, scream/brutal vocal transitions and aggressive attitude were enough to make me (excited) about the album.” **Translated** 


  - Metalperver Busic Blog

“False Altars and Forgotten Gods” is a perfect highlight for the last decade of Midwest metal, at the bare minimum. A well balanced combination of blistering riffs, intricate drum patterns, harmonic solos, and blasphemous vocals sets the bar higher than it has been in ages. I haven’t felt this way about an album since I heard Ride The Lightning for the first time at age 12.


 - Decorah Metal Fest 


Press Kit with Photos and Logo:









Phone: 319-242-1689 (Alex)



Thank you for checking us out!

  • The Guilty Boys

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